Are Taiwanese Girls Easy?

  MKL provides a translation : Google says Taiwan girls are easy. Guy 1 says: “Foreigners don’t need to be handsome, just normal. Some are even a bit chubby, but they can get the girls easy, because they have a big hotdog.” The video wants to proof, that Taiwanese girls are obsessed with foreigners. We want to do a research in the most popular night club among foreigners. The club has a “foreigners night”. Guy 2 says: “Many foreigners, be it whites, blacks and taiwanese girls, when they enter the night club, they kiss with tongues, hug tight, touch the butt, grab the waist.” The cabbie says: “The club here is full of foreigners and Taiwanese girls. Even if some foreigners can’t get girls inside the club, they will go out and try to get a drunk girl outside and take them with them. Those foreigners are all horny.” They want to track, if things they say is true, hence they install a camera in taxi to monitor. Cabbie again: “Most of the time foreigners... Read More