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Foundation Course

Foundation Course

Content: Basic PUA Course for all the beginners and AFCs

● How to build up unbeatable confidence.

● The basic Inner training and foundation concepts

● How to make a right approach to HBs.

● How to pick up the HBs on streets, clubs, shops, etcs.

● How to do in Day 1 and Day2

● How to use the “Routines” in your dates

● How to manage your dating schedules to make your time efficiency

● How to have the close relation with your HBs (F-close)

● The ultimate routines for the K-Close

Also including Q&A, In field Surging, best PU guidelines, develop your unique fashion style, etc.


Place: NYC (You will be notified after signing up )

Level: Beginner, AFC, people who always fail for love

Time: 3 Hours Lectures

Tuition Fee: $1,000 USD

Amount of Students: 1~5

Payment: Paypal (