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3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman PUA Knowledge 

3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman

3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman



If you want to attract and seduce a woman from Taiwan there are several things which you must absolutely know. Dating any Asian women is different from other places in the world, but there is a specific method which works particularly well with Taiwanese women.

Where she is from and what is her dating history?

All Asian women are different, and its important that you know where she is from, and where she has lived most of her life so that you can calibrate your ‘moves’ to match where she is at. Depending on the experience of the woman, you want to move at a different speed with your seduction. Taiwanese women tend to react differently based on their dating experience. Young and inexperienced Taiwanese women go at a different speed than an internationally traveled and experienced more mature woman.

Dominant Alpha Male Characteristics are important

Taiwanese women love a man who takes control, who is a gentleman but also knows how to boss her around and be dominant and demonstrate alpha male characteristics. Be careful not to take this too far, but realize that she will only respect you if she knows you wear the pants in the relationship. Taiwanese women don’t want a meek and mild man who they boss around, you need to take control and lead the relationship forwards in the right direction. Taiwanese women aren’t the most shy Asian girls, but they definitely aren’t aggressive, and they need the man to display alpha characteristics!

Where should you go on a date?

There are certain places which you definitely want to avoid taking a Taiwanese woman, and other places that make for an absolutely perfect first date with a Taiwanese girl. If you can get a great first date with a Taiwanese woman, than you are more than halfway to starting a relationship with her, attracting a girl from Taiwan, and making a Taiwanese woman your girlfriend or getting a woman from Taiwan to marry you

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