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2nd English E-book HOW TO GAME A WOMAN PUA book 

2nd English E-book HOW TO GAME A WOMAN

I was a complete failure in the game of love.  My most traumatic romantic relationship happened before my days as a pickup artist (PUA).  I still remember the girl I was dating at the time, she was the sister of one of my students when I worked as a dancer instructor.  Through courage and persistence, I was finally able to be physically intimate with her after many tries.  We dated for three years, and during this time I was completely devoted to her and my work.  She was the love of my life at the time and I had plans to marry her.  However, things did not go as I had planned.  She dumped me.  We got into an argument over something trivial one morning, something I don’t even now remember, and she called it quits.  She moved out of the apartment that we shared and disappeared.  I never saw her again after that.   I had no dating routines or skills.  Everything I knew at the time about dating was learned from friends talking about the girls in their... Read More


Why should you buy this book?         Are you frustrated with the dating situation in Taiwan? Just can’t seem to get through to the women? Did you get to first base but blow off the relationship midway through just when she was about to put out for you? Look no further! This book will help you on the glorious path to understanding and dating Taiwanese women like no other book before. Sure there are a lot of dating books out there. Sure there are many courses to teach you how to date women. But are there any books or resources out there about dating Taiwanese women? How about how they react and why they react in a certain manner that sets them apart from Western women? Or what you can do to control and tame their outrageous behavior to suit your needs? This is only book on the market designed for this specific purpose. To attract and get Taiwanese women. We’ll show you what to do, what to expect, and how to play the game in Taiwan so you can... Read More