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Dating with Japanese girls PUA Knowledge 

Dating with Japanese girls

What do you need to know before asking for a date with a Japanese girl?

If you would like to date with a young and cute Japanese girl, you need o understand their characteristics before asking for a date.

Understanding the following is important:

  1. What type of Japanese girls you want to date
  2. Then, how to seduce them
  3. Where to find them

On this page, we would like you to understand that different type of Japanese girls have different characteristics and you need to take a different approach for that.

Moreover, we will also tell you the best way for non-Japanese speakers to get a Japanese girl.


What type of Japanese girls you want to date with?

Do you know what type of Japanese girl you want to date with?
As you might know, there are different types of Japanese girls, especially with a young girls.
Don’t think that all Japanese girls still wear Kimono for going to shop.

Why do you think that knowing what type of Japanese girl is important?

It is because that a different Japanese girl wear different cloths, eat different foods, likes different talk, and of course, want to date with different man.

Unfortunately, there are Japanese girls who don’t like to date with non-Japanese speakers, and even if you try, the percentage of the success is quite low.

So, the best way is to get a Japanese girl who prefer to date with foreigners, not Japanese mans.

That is the easiest way and the most successful way to date with a Japanese girl.

Those kind of Japanese girls really exist.
They usually hanker going to live in outside of Japan.
Thus, their fashion style is more like the country’s style she like.

For example, if a Japanese girls who want to date with an American black guy, they normally likes a Hip Hop looking fashion style.

How to seduce them

Knowing how to seduce them is also important.
The best way is to:

  • be polite to Japanese girls
  • show a lady first style
  • teach your language
  • Talk about your country
  • Ask them what they like about your country

Although many people might think that Japanese grills follow what mans do, those Japanese girls who like foreigners prefer a man who is not like a Japanese man.

You know, that’s why they want to date with YOU!!


Where to find those type of Japanese girls.

Now, we will tell you where you can meet with those Japanese girls surely.

  • If you live in Japan, the best place to find those type of Japanese girls is the Roppongi in Tokyo, especially at the nightclubs where a lot of foreigners are.A lot of Japanese people think that the Roppongi is the town where you meet a foreigner. So, those girls who want to a foreigner boyfriend, they normally go to a Ronppongi nightclub, especially nightclubs where a lot of foreigners are.
  • Or, work at an language school in Japan.
    You might not live into Tokyo. In that case, you can absolutely meet those Japanese girls at a language school where you can teach your language.

But, what if you are not in Japan.

Don’t worry!
Even if you are not in Japan, you can meet those Japanese girls.
Those Japanese girls are either:

  • Live in your country at the moment
  • or, planning to go to your country to live to work or study

They normally feel very lonely because they are not in their home country, although they live your country to live. It is also because of their family.
So, what they do is that they go online and find someone who live in the country where she is, and try to chat with them.

There are number of online dating service where you can find those Japanese girls.
But, the best one to use is the English dating service where a lot of Asian are participating.
Because those Japanese girls feel better with the online dating service where other Asian people have subscribed.

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