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How to attract Chinese girls? PUA Knowledge 

How to attract Chinese girls?

How to attract Chinese girls?



People who are with humor will attract others easily. If you are going to date a Chinese girl and want to leave her good impression, follow the following advice.

1. Avoiding Common Mistakes
Too much funny and she’ll see you as goofy or dorky. Too much cocky and she’ll see you as an A-hole, a jerk or an insecure guy. Don’t mistake an outright putdown for being cocky. And never do Cocky Comedy to impress women or show off; you’ll make yourself look like a dumb-ass.

2. Learning the Cocky Comedy Character
Most guys who naturally use Cocky Comedy aren’t TRYING to be funny, and they’re definitely not seeking approval — they’re being the CHARACTER. The character is where 90% of the humor flows from.

3. Holding Your Laughter to Amplify Attraction
Women are attracted to higher-status males. So how does a woman tell if she’s talking to one? If she catches herself seeking HIS approval, and he never seeks HER approval, then she unconsciously knows that she’s dealing with a higher-status man.

4. Never Laugh to Make Her Laugh
It sounds incredible, but most laughter ISN’T in response to something funny. We usually laugh when we’re seeking someone’s approval — even if what the other person said isn’t all that funny.

5. Using Your Body
Your gestures, facial expressions and voice tone are all great Cocky Comedy tools. Push her into things as you’re walking.

6. Messing with Her
To switch into this mode, give an over exaggerated compliment that can’t be real but seems way too serious; accuse her of stepping over the line and trying to pick you up in some way; complain about something in an overly serious way. Keep her on her toes and you’ll keep her interested.

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