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Why should you buy this book?

        Are you frustrated with the dating situation in Taiwan? Just can’t seem to get through to the women? Did you get to first base but blow off the relationship midway through just when she was about to put out for you? Look no further! This book will help you on the glorious path to understanding and dating Taiwanese women like no other book before.

Sure there are a lot of dating books out there. Sure there are many courses to teach you how to date women. But are there any books or resources out there about dating Taiwanese women? How about how they react and why they react in a certain manner that sets them apart from Western women? Or what you can do to control and tame their outrageous behavior to suit your needs? This is only book on the market designed for this specific purpose. To attract and get Taiwanese women.

We’ll show you what to do, what to expect, and how to play the game in Taiwan so you can increase your chances on scoring with some Taiwanese women. Using the valuable experience gained by the number one expert PUA in Taiwan, we will show you all the right things to do and all the wrong things to avoid doing. Regardless of your background, there are many different ways you can play your particular status to your advantage and we will show you how.



Part 1: The essential information you should know before even trying to date a Taiwanese woman


Chapter 1: A Vastly Different Culture for Scoring with the Ladies


-If you’re a young Caucasian man who is easy on the eyes with little or no obligations, you will have a high statistical probability of getting some. However there are still many things to learn about getting Taiwanese women. We’ll explain why and how you can improve your chances if you are.

-If you’re Asian, Asian American or of any other foreign nationality but still Asian (as in having an Asian face)… It’s hard. But don’t worry we’ll help you with that because it’s not your fault and we’ll explain how to overcome this obstacle.

-For all other ethnicities the same usually applies as with the Asians. Apparently Taiwanese women have embodied the ideal foreigner as a Blond, 6ft tall, muscular, White man so it’s not your fault. To be fair, it’s all that Taiwanese women really know from watching films and TV so the fault does not lie entirely within them. We’ll tell you how to overcome this obstacle, don’t worry.

-While ethnicity is a significant determining factor in Taiwan, don’t forget about the other important factors. Even if you are successful initially or are flexible there are always some things completely unrelated to what or who you are that is unavoidable even for the locals due to the culture.


Chapter 2: The Psyche and Personalities of the Taiwanese Woman


Taiwanese women are immature. Really immature. This section explains how they are immature and theories as to why.


The different types of Taiwanese women


-That’s right…. there are different types depending on socioeconomic class, educational background, and even region. You’ll get an understanding of the general characteristics that the women from each of these categories are like.


Socioeconomic class:

a)      Woman from a wealthy background

b)      Woman from a middle class background

c)      Woman from a poor background


Educational Background:

a)      Professional or High standard

b)      Average

c)      Lower



a)      Northern (Taipei-Hsinchu Metropolitan area)

b)      Central(Taichung area)

c)      Southern(Kaohsiung)

d)      Rural


Examples of the average Taiwanese woman

a)      Generic Taiwanese woman #1

b)      Generic Taiwanese woman #2

c)      Generic Taiwanese woman #3


Chapter 3: How to Pick up Taiwanese Women (Making Initial Contact)

-How to pick up a Taiwanese Woman? The common Western approaches don’t

or are a complete waste of time as you might have already noticed. Even if you

get her number, she’s probably not going to return your calls. We’ll show you

how to get her to respond.

-Where to pick up a Taiwanese Woman. You can’t just pick them up anywhere.

There are places that will guarantee a high statistical probability of success. The

environment is important so that you can create a situation that will let them be

at ease for you to do so.


a)  On the MRT, in MRT stations, on trains, and buses

b)  Universities and institutes of higher learning

c)  Bookstores

d)  On the street

e)  Anywhere



Chapter 4: How to Make a Good Impression on the First Date


-Congratulations, you got her number and asked her out. She agreed and you are going on the first date. Good. The first impression is important because it determines whether or not the woman will ever want to see you again. In this section there are several scenarios for you to refer to in order for you to see how you might behave on the first date.

Part 2: Long term relationships and short term relationships


Chapter 5: How to Keep Them Interested in You and Maintain the Relationship


-Friends with Benefits. You know what that means. Yeah… so do we. There are many precautions that needs to be taken beforehand so that you know the full

details of what to expect in this type of relationship especially with a Taiwanese woman.

-Short term relationships. This one is quite simple and based off the friends with benefits type of relationship. Think of it as a non committing type of relationship only that if you feel like it, you can still be with them.

-Long term relationships. This one is tricky. There is no advice that completely covers this type of relationship. However there are certain points to consider when accepting this kind of relation with a Taiwanese woman which are always good to know.


Chapter 6: Sex


“Kclose”. This is important in establishing the fact that you and the candidate are not in the “friend zone”. It is very important because if you don’t do this then you will waste time and resources only to find out that she does not have any obligation towards you. We’ll show you the process used to apply this type of procedure which is generally a kiss and intimate physical contact with the woman.

“Fclose”. Yeah that’s right. Sex. Not just kissing but more… The process is almost the same as the “K-close” in certain ways but there is more to it and we will show you what to do.


Chapter 7: Dos and Don’ts in a Taiwanese Relationship


-The essential things that you should do and NEVER do in a Taiwanese relationship. Any one of these things can make or break a relationship so remember this stuff carefully.


Chapter 8: Always have a Back-up Plan

-That basically means have another woman ready if you feel likes she’s losing

interest in you. If you don’t, you can be certain that she has another guy lined

up so don’t feel immoral about doing so. That’s just how it is here. When in




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