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How to hook up with Chinese women PUA Knowledge 

How to hook up with Chinese women

How to hook up with Chinese women


have dated a lot of Asian women, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all over the world.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Chinese girls are tricky.  To figure them out, I analyzed all of my past relationships, from one night stands, to long term girlfriends and figured out a pattern with Asian girls, especially traditional Chinese girls.  To make sure it wasn’t just me, I compared the data to a large sample of men and figured out what the secret was behind sex, dating, and long term relationships with Asian girls.  It was actually quite simple once figured it out and I started teaching it in private bootcamp style classes for $1,400USD a weekend, where I would teach the method, have the students practice it and then go out with them into nightclubs and bars where they would put it in action.

Secret #1 – The easiest way to get an Asian girlfriend is to sleep with her first and get her to “trap” you into being her boyfriend.

I figured this out when I noticed that relationships with Chinese girls are like a power exchange, and most of the time it is the guy who is chasing the girl.  A lot of men will take the girl on a date, buy her gifts and flowers and hope that being nice to her will make her fall in love with him.  It becomes very frustrating after a while for the guy and it should be because it simply just does not work.

Thinking back at all of my past relationships with Chinese girls, it was them chasing me, almost forcing me to be their boyfriend.  The talk usually comes before the second or third time you have sex, the girl will ask “What does this mean to you” and will give you an ultimatum, either a committed relationship or no sex.  So if you want a girl to be your girlfriend, instead of chasing her endlessly, why not just let her “trap” you into a relationship.  You both win.

Secret #2 – Buy a girl flowers and cheesy gifts…never before but always after.

If you buy a girl flowers or gifts she will think you are just doing it to get into her pants.  Even if you don’t just want sex from her, and you actually want a long term relationship with her, she will still think you are trying to get something by being nice.

But if you do it after you have already had sex with her she will first, think you are sweet because you have nothing to gain, and second feel appreciated instead of used.

Secret #3 – Never, ever take a girl to dinner if have not slept with her yet.

This is a secret that will make every single female reader extremely upset when they read this.  So ask yourself, why?  Why does this make women so angry?  I’ll let you think about that for a minute, and when you clear your initial shock and disapproval sit down and write down every single first date you’ve had in the past year, write down the activity (dinner, movie, etc) and then write down the result (3 month relationship, sex, no second date).

You will see that for whatever reasons (there are many) dinner dates never equal sex or a long term relationship.  So instead of going out to dinner alone, invite her out with your friends as a group, or better yet, do a fun activity together.

I once brought a nice Chinese girl skydiving on a first date and until this day she cannot get me out of her mind. Maybe it’s because it was something so crazy and wild that she never would have done, maybe it was the fear of death and the adrenaline, either way, she will never forget the first time she jumped out of an airplane or who the crazy guy that invited her along to do it.

Secret #4 – How to meet and attract the Chinese girl of your dreams

This part is easy, instead of doing what most guys do and try too hard, look desperate and try to hit on girls, just go through her social circle and get introduced.  Doing this is actually pretty easy if you follow my steps, but this part will take about an hour to explain, which is why I made the audio course and eBook available.  Check it out and good luck out there, remember, Chinese girls are tricky, but you have got to love them!

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