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How to Leave a Good Impression on Chinese Girl PUA Knowledge 

How to Leave a Good Impression on Chinese Girl


How to Leave a Good Impression on Chinese Girl


So you want to date a Chinese girl? Seems you have a good taste, huh. Let me give you few tips which could help you to leave a good impression.
First of all I want to share a little “secret” with you – for some reason many Chinese girls think that foreign guys are very hairy and tend to sweat a lot.

So my first advice would be to shave properly and in case that nature gifted you with rich hairiness – consider carefully the style of T-shirt that you wear for the date ;-).

Also – avoid using strong perfumes. Chinese girls’ noses are very sensitive and they might make paradoxical conclusions about your reasons to use strong fragrances.

Forgetting the time is only girl’s privilege. You – as a gentleman – must be punctual. And don’t ask your girl why she was late for a date. You must understand that dressing up takes a lot of time! In fact, you should see it as a compliment – since she spent a lot of time to make herself beautiful.

Well – we (Chinese girls) should give foreigners a credit for knowing how to be gentlemen. Don’t miss a chance to prove this point. Give a hand to your girl to help her out of the taxi, open the door in front of her etc. That will definitely make her feel happy and proud.

Flowers always have the magic to make your girl happy. Red and pink roses have an unequivocal message. And lily (which is originally an Asian flower) symbolizing a long-lasting love would perfectly match the roses.

Lets say you decided to go to Chinese restaurant. Hand the menu to your girl and listen to her suggestion. Don’t be surprised with Chinese custom to order many dishes during meals (usually lunch or dinner will comprise  two dishes with meat, one vegetable dish and  bowl of soup). And if you eat hot-pot – then it might be served with 5-10 different supplements!

Oh! One more thing… please postpone eating your favorite “steak with blood” for another occasion.

Chinese girls will always be glad to see you use chopsticks. And if you are not comfortable with them – you can always ask the girl to teach you… hehe…

Note that Chinese people are not crazy about drinking coffee. So – the standard proposal “to have a cup of coffee” would be better replaced with “let’s go to drink something”. Sounds better, huh?

Well – I hope that armed with these tips you will feel more confident. Later you might want to check the articles about mistakes you should avoid with Chinese girls and about the kind of men that Chinese girls like.

Your dating guide, Crystal Tao

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