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How to score with Taiwanese women PUA Knowledge 

How to score with Taiwanese women



The Basic Daily System

First off, we have to stop you from fishing any dry wells, so STOP GOING TO MALLS TRYING TO PICKUP SALES CLERKS. These women are useless for our purposes, for reasons that I have explained in my previous article. Go anywhere where there are lots of happy girls around, ie., East End, Gong Gwan, etc and do your thing.

Use public transportation-always. If you’re going to meet women, you need to be around them.No more motorcycle. No more last minute taxis. Wake up early, do your workout ( in my next article), shower, and walk to the MRT or bus stop.
If you make eye contact and she looks like she wants to talk to you, say something!!! Ask a question- it doesn’t matter if you already know the answer or not. It could be how to get to point B on the bus, the weather, etc. Read her body language. If she looks like she might want to talk to you, ask a question, then take it from there.

ALWAYS exchange MSN- if the conversation went well, just say “MSN!” Taiwanese women are addicted to MSN. Something about being able to send or be sent cute cyber smileys just fits their Hello Kitty persona. After she takes your MSN, make sure you get hers. Add your phone number and get hers too.

Forget her- after you’ve gotten her contacts, forget her. DO NOT CALL or MSN her until she contacts you. Go on to your next target. Do not stop until you have at least 20 of these girls on a line. I would go for 100. In business, we know it takes about 100 contacts to catch one customer. So if you want 10 girlfriends, you need to make CONTACTS with 1000 women.
We are playing by cold statistics here, but this is how we PROVE to them that we are not needy. Make the contact then forget her. Well, don’t exactly forget her. If she writes back, we write back.

Never look like you’ve got time on your hands- always say “let me check my schedule” if she asks you to a party, etc (don’t call me mean, girls do the same thing)!

The “one touch” rule- if you touch the girl during the initial contact, do it ONLY ONCE, preferably during the goodbye; too much touching looks disparate.

No compliments- never tell her she’s pretty until you know her well

Workout- let me tell you something you don’t want to hear: Your BODY may be turning women off. Yes, women are VISUALLY STIMULATED. Work out to reasonable plan. I will post one in my next article.

Clothes- sharp lines are the rule. Nikes are for running- put those away for workout time and get a nice pair of A.Testoni loafers. Dockers over jeans. Also, unless you have “rock star” hair, you’ll need a nice manly haircut. No hair or balding? Even if you’re losing hair, you still have a right to hair care. Look the best you can.
The most important thing is to WORKOUT! Think Bruce Willis- even bald, he can score with any woman on the planet!

This is our BASIC, DAILY SYSTEM- things we should do everyday. If it seems brief and even cold, remember that the goal of this system is to UP YOUR PERCEIVED VALUE over their perceived self value. And you can’t up your value if they perceive that they have you by your testosterone.

Of course, there will be other meetings that will be special and rewarding. But those chance meetings should not deter us from our basic daily work. We are trying to get contacts from 100 women. Do not stop until you meet this goal.

I guarantee you, once you get rolling on this, you will develop a sort of magnetic quality to women, which is a result of NOT BEING DESPERATE.
But what I’m teaching here is an ACTIVE NON-DESPERATION. We are actively involved in making contact with as MANY ELIGIBLE WOMEN AS POSSIBLE.

That’s it.

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