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Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage PUA Knowledge 

Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage



The tempting allure of a woman’s body is mesmerizing. Sumptuous curves, creases that beg your tongue to taste. As John Mayer so eloquently puts it, a woman’s body is a wonderland.

Most men want to reach home base right away, but sometimes it’s nice to take some time for caressing and tenderness and treat her to a massage without any expectations in return. She will be eternally grateful. When a man can dedicate a night to making a woman feel good without sexual connotations, it’s a real game changer for the relationship. It proves you really like her, you are interested in being with her for more then just sex.

The end result? She’ll be putty in your hands!

Giving a massage is also a nice way to explore her body and fill your mind full of lusty thoughts to be used another day. Think of her like a forbidden fruit – The more you can’t have it, the more you’ll want it. Just let the tension build up and you can have dessert another day, it will taste much better then anyway. All you will need to treat her to a night of soothing sensations is warming massage oil. The rest is up to you:

1) Set the mood

Ask woman her favorite way to relax and she will usually say a hot bubble bath is best. Draw her a warm bath. While she’s occupied, light a few candles, play soft jazz music. Turn out the lights.

2) Be generous with the oil

Slather it on! Oils absorb into the skin gradually anyway so if you overdid the application no worries, just spread it all around her back. A scented oil will fill the room with a sweet aroma and warming lotions feel hot when plenty is used.

3) Long smooth strokes using your forearm.

Lay your forearm on her back parallel to the spine. Begin at the neck and move all the way down to the hips. Proceed in the opposite direction, up and down repeatedly. Moving top to bottom helps increase circulation and covers all muscles to blanket the entire body with a soothing feeling of relaxation.

4) Short smooth circles with the heel of your hand.

Next start at the neck and slowly press small smooth circular patterns gradually moving from the neck to the base of the spine while traveling back and forth, covering every inch of her back. The change from long body strokes to small circular pressure movements is a nice contrast, and a technique professionals masseurs use to aid relaxation and obtain a better response form the muscles.

5) Focus on the arms and hands.

This will be a highly unexpected treat. Grab her biceps in your hands, wrapping your fingers around and locking them together. Pull slowly downwards all the way to her fingertips. Repeat a few times. Then grab her hands and massage the palm with your fingers. Also pay attention to the backs of her hands, but use more force on the palms.

There are a few other things she may like such as a head rub, although with oily fingers some women may not appreciate this in their hair. It’s worth asking through because a head rub is a wonderful treat as well. Focusing all on her is one of the nicest things a guy can do, she will remember this lavish treat for a very long time.

If you would like to take this a step further, there are specific pressure points that have similar effects to aphrodisiacs. Be subtle with pressure points and when used in combination with a massage, she’ll have no idea what you’re doing, she will think it;s only part of the massage but little does she know you’re planting seeds of lust in her head. Dessert will be delicious!

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