Free PUA Seminar

Hi Everyone,   Sorry to keep you guys waiting for long.   Here comes the free seminar to guide you the game in Taiwan.   Please come and join it, whether you are a AFC, or already good in game, or a professional PUA.   You all are welcome to get to know more inner game, and some good pickup lines or routines during dating.       Free seminar (Saturday,¬† 2013 November 2 at 1pm)   Time duration: 2 hours   Seminar Outline:   *Differences in dating culture between the East and the West *How to face and overcome your anxiety and nervousness *Confidence *How to deal with failure *Question and Answer session   Course Seminar (to be held the following week, November 9)   Cost: NT$8,999 (20% off when paid in advance on free seminar day)   Time duration: 5 hours   Course seminar outline: *How to date *Where to date *Routines in dating *Attraction *Seduction *Kiss close *Getting laid   In-field boot camp course (to be held the following week, November 16)   Cost: NT$39,999 (20% off... Read More