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How to Pick Up a Girl Who’s With Friends on the Beach PUA Knowledge 

How to Pick Up a Girl Who’s With Friends on the Beach

QUESTION: If you could just give 3 brief pointers to a student before he attempts to pick up a girl who’s with a group of friends on the beach what 3 pointers would you give him? Living near the beach in California, and hanging out in beaches throughout Australia, Bali and Thailand I’ve had my fair share of beach approaches. The most difficult beach approaches I’ve done are during what I call “Topless Swedish Girl Season” which happens in February every year in Thailand. Use the following three tricks to approach all girls on the beach, and if they’re not topless, even easier! 1. Dress like you’re on the beach. If you’re in a t-shirt, shoes, and long pants, you’ll look out of place and look like a creeper. But if you’re in board shorts, barefoot and look like you’re enjoying yourself it comes off as very natural to approach. It helps if you’re a bit tanned and in decent shape as well, don’t let those be excuses not to approach girls on the beach but also stop lying to... Read More
Could How To Seduce a Woman In Korea Be Shocking? PUA Knowledge 

Could How To Seduce a Woman In Korea Be Shocking?

Could how to seduce a woman in Korea be different? Discover 3 controversial ways that makes seducing a Korean woman different than from back home. Want to know how to seduce a woman in Korea? You’ve tried some seduction tips only to find out that they backfire. What’s going on? Korean women are different than women from your country in many ways. When it comes to seducing them it’s a mind warp. Being able to get intimately involved with a Korean lady means anticipating and working around these challenges. Soon you’ll discover how seducing Korean women will mean re-adjusting your game and pickup technique. How To Seduce a Woman… You’ll Do ALL The Heavy lifting And I’m not talking about carrying her Gucci purse. 😉 When you’re seducing a Korean woman you’ll notice how she isn’t very talkative. I recommend preparing yourself for doing most of the talking. In fact she’ll be more ‘innocent’-looking and ‘cute’ more than anything. This is because Korean men expect their Korean dates to be passive. It boosts the guys’ egos I guess to sound... Read More
3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart PUA Knowledge 

3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart

  Eye contact is one of the fastest ways to build explosive sexual tension. But most guys do eye contact WRONG.   Most guys look at the woman’s entire face as they talk with her, unfocused.   Pretend her face has been hidden, and it’s just her eyes. This is the “safest” way to go, because looking at her face hides your sexual desire for the girl. But she won’t feel any sexual tension from you either, and she’ll put you into the “friends zone” pretty quick.   Instead, when you approach a woman, give her a smile and look DIRECTLY into her eyes. On the approach, you don’t even need to “say” anything.  Just look into her eyes and hold it.  Right into her EYES. She’ll start giggling.  Then introduce yourself and take her hand.   You’ve already shown your awesome coolness and sexuality just from your “eyes approach”. The Eyes to Lips Technique Now here’s how to make the girl feel strangely horny. As you talk to her, hardcore look the girl into her eyes.  Focus in on... Read More