KINO: How to Physically Escalate

How do you touch a woman you’ve never met before without creeping her out? And how do you keep touching her in a way that leads to a kiss, and eventually to sex? The pickup community uses the word “kino” to designate “touch.” Mystery, the towering innovator in the community, defines kino simply. “Physical escalation.” Kino is short for kinesthetic. One reason pickup artists like to use the word kino is because the word “touch” can have weird ring to it. Here’s one thing I’ve learned about physical escalation. If you’re the type of friendly guy that touches everyone naturally already, it’s no big deal to touch a woman you’ve just met. It’s natural. And even though it seems weird to kino a “stranger,” there’s nothing wrong with giving a quick tap on the arm or giving a handshake or high five to anyone you’ve just met. In fact, it makes things a lot more lively and fun if you do. I put stranger in quotes because often we look for how we’re different from each other. But when you... Read More