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The One Night Stand Etiquette PUA Knowledge 

The One Night Stand Etiquette

Have you ever heard of the term one night stand etiquette? It shouldn’t be a term unfamiliar with the west of the world, however, it seems a taboo in the current Chinese society and actually from what I have witnessed, observed and experienced, there’s a lack of it in Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan I am currently residing in and loving.   Not that I am still the sleeping-around wild colleague girl, like a bimbo of a typical teen movie or a simply a sorority girl. At least, if I am sober enough I learn to control. Alcohol is evil, evil.   A few years back, when I first read this book called Fabulous Girls Guide to Decorum, soon after a traumatic breakup with my ex boyfriend, I first realized that there should be some etiquette for one night stand (ons)too. Believe me or not, I actually stayed sexually inactive for a good whole year. (I’m amazed of myself too). And then when I got back to the market, I encountered guys from all walks of life (not really all, at... Read More
One-night stand up: How to seduce women PUA Knowledge 

One-night stand up: How to seduce women

1. Offer an alternative: “Seduction is all about offering an alternative to the quotidian. All of us are trying to escape the tedium. Women want adventure. That’s my No.1 assumption. You’re schooled in certain ideas; you read poetry, see paintings, listen to music and ideas of romance and intrigue are reinforced in your mind. If you can appear to be those things, there’s been a global marketing campaign since the dawn of time supporting the very things you’re saying.” 2. Know your brand identity: “Be in tune with your USP. Look at yourself as a product. For me, the idea of a slightly gauche philandering adventurer seems to work quite well. I have the hair of a gauche philandering adventurer and offer gauche philandering adventures. The brand is consistent.” 3. Avoid singles’ bars and clubs: “Places where your attendance shows an admission of failure as a human being cannot be good. In a club there’s an expectancy of seduction and people are on their guard. It’s better to strike in the street or at the bus stop, or perhaps near... Read More