Useful Chinese phrases: Pick-up lines

Today’s Chinese phrases will be all about pick-up lines: How do I start conversations with a lovely Chinese woman? I know that this should belong to the beginning of the series, but OK, better late than never. I must say, that these phrases are pretty advanced and complicated, so you need some advance knowledge of Mandarin, before you want to use this in real. I started with the basic ones, which I made up myself, the more complicated ones at the end were found online and translated into English by the best Chinese teacher in the world: my wife. Really really thanks this time for translating these quite complicated phrases.     01 哈啰!妳叫什麼名字呢? 妳經常來嗎? 哈啰!你叫什么名字呢? 你经常来吗? Hāluō! Nĭ jiào shénme míngzi ne? Nĭ jīng cháng lái mă? Hello. What’s your name? Do you come here often? 02 我很喜歡妳的笑容,妳很可愛。 我很喜欢你的笑容,你很可爱。 Wŏ hĕn xĭhuan nĭde xiàoróng. Nĭ hĕn kĕài. I really like your smile. You are cute. 03 我發現妳在看我。我可以請妳喝杯飲料嗎? 我发现你在看我。我可以请你喝杯饮料吗? Wŏ fāxiàn nĭ zài kān wŏ. Wŏ kĕyĭ qĭng nĭ hē bēi ĭnliào mă? I’ve noticed you were looking at me.... Read More