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3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart PUA Knowledge 

3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart

  Eye contact is one of the fastest ways to build explosive sexual tension. But most guys do eye contact WRONG.   Most guys look at the woman’s entire face as they talk with her, unfocused.   Pretend her face has been hidden, and it’s just her eyes. This is the “safest” way to go, because looking at her face hides your sexual desire for the girl. But she won’t feel any sexual tension from you either, and she’ll put you into the “friends zone” pretty quick.   Instead, when you approach a woman, give her a smile and look DIRECTLY into her eyes. On the approach, you don’t even need to “say” anything.  Just look into her eyes and hold it.  Right into her EYES. She’ll start giggling.  Then introduce yourself and take her hand.   You’ve already shown your awesome coolness and sexuality just from your “eyes approach”. The Eyes to Lips Technique Now here’s how to make the girl feel strangely horny. As you talk to her, hardcore look the girl into her eyes.  Focus in on... Read More
Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage PUA Knowledge 

Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage

  The tempting allure of a woman’s body is mesmerizing. Sumptuous curves, creases that beg your tongue to taste. As John Mayer so eloquently puts it, a woman’s body is a wonderland. Most men want to reach home base right away, but sometimes it’s nice to take some time for caressing and tenderness and treat her to a massage without any expectations in return. She will be eternally grateful. When a man can dedicate a night to making a woman feel good without sexual connotations, it’s a real game changer for the relationship. It proves you really like her, you are interested in being with her for more then just sex. The end result? She’ll be putty in your hands! Giving a massage is also a nice way to explore her body and fill your mind full of lusty thoughts to be used another day. Think of her like a forbidden fruit – The more you can’t have it, the more you’ll want it. Just let the tension build up and you can have dessert another day, it will taste... Read More
2nd English E-book HOW TO GAME A WOMAN PUA book 

2nd English E-book HOW TO GAME A WOMAN

I was a complete failure in the game of love.  My most traumatic romantic relationship happened before my days as a pickup artist (PUA).  I still remember the girl I was dating at the time, she was the sister of one of my students when I worked as a dancer instructor.  Through courage and persistence, I was finally able to be physically intimate with her after many tries.  We dated for three years, and during this time I was completely devoted to her and my work.  She was the love of my life at the time and I had plans to marry her.  However, things did not go as I had planned.  She dumped me.  We got into an argument over something trivial one morning, something I don’t even now remember, and she called it quits.  She moved out of the apartment that we shared and disappeared.  I never saw her again after that.   I had no dating routines or skills.  Everything I knew at the time about dating was learned from friends talking about the girls in their... Read More