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How to seduce a Russian woman PUA Knowledge 

How to seduce a Russian woman

Russian women like men who care for them and try toseduce them. They like to feel desirable and beloved. They want to be cared not only before sex but after it too. So here are 10 advice how to  seduce a Russian woman: 1.) Tell her magic words. All women adore to hear compliments. Don’t forget to spoil her with them. 2.) Send her secret signs. Try to look at her eyes some times, to touch her hand, blow a kiss when you say good bye. 3.)Make different surprises. Russian women also like different adventures. You can make her life more interesting if you do some unexpected for her. For example, give her flowers standing on the knees. 4.)Be a little jealous. Russian women like when men sometimes are jealous of them. It makes relations not so boring. 5.)Show how you love children. Say something pleasant about a little child in the street. Sometimes you can smile at him. Women like when  men treat children well. 6.)Be persistent. Russian women like men who don’t give up. It is difficult to... Read More
One-night stand up: How to seduce women PUA Knowledge 

One-night stand up: How to seduce women

1. Offer an alternative: “Seduction is all about offering an alternative to the quotidian. All of us are trying to escape the tedium. Women want adventure. That’s my No.1 assumption. You’re schooled in certain ideas; you read poetry, see paintings, listen to music and ideas of romance and intrigue are reinforced in your mind. If you can appear to be those things, there’s been a global marketing campaign since the dawn of time supporting the very things you’re saying.” 2. Know your brand identity: “Be in tune with your USP. Look at yourself as a product. For me, the idea of a slightly gauche philandering adventurer seems to work quite well. I have the hair of a gauche philandering adventurer and offer gauche philandering adventures. The brand is consistent.” 3. Avoid singles’ bars and clubs: “Places where your attendance shows an admission of failure as a human being cannot be good. In a club there’s an expectancy of seduction and people are on their guard. It’s better to strike in the street or at the bus stop, or perhaps near... Read More
The Last Seduction: Sex In Your Sixties PUA Knowledge 

The Last Seduction: Sex In Your Sixties

Fact or Fiction? ‘Sex in your Sixties’ can be the most passionate, the most intense, the most meaningful and the most deeply personal sex of your life. Fact! How do I know? Because it’s happening to me. So when a friend suggested I write a blog about sex and feeling sexy in your sixties, I smiled inwardly, thinking… You don’t know how right you are. I’m currently in the midst of a wild and fabulous love affair and have to say that sex in my sixties is way better than sex in my thirties. Why, you might ask? Here’s my take on Why… I realize this may be my last great love affair, so no time to be shy or coy. I’ve got nothing to lose by breaking down my inhibitions and exploring fantasies that as a younger woman I was too self-conscious to pursue. It’s hard to fathom that it’s taken four decades of sex to discover what truly “turns me on” and that I would discover my true sexual nature in my sixties. I appreciate passion so much... Read More