How to score with Taiwanese women

  The Basic Daily System First off, we have to stop you from fishing any dry wells, so STOP GOING TO MALLS TRYING TO PICKUP SALES CLERKS. These women are useless for our purposes, for reasons that I have explained in my previous article. Go anywhere where there are lots of happy girls around, ie., East End, Gong Gwan, etc and do your thing. Use public transportation-always. If you’re going to meet women, you need to be around them.No more motorcycle. No more last minute taxis. Wake up early, do your workout ( in my next article), shower, and walk to the MRT or bus stop. If you make eye contact and she looks like she wants to talk to you, say something!!! Ask a question- it doesn’t matter if you already know the answer or not. It could be how to get to point B on the bus, the weather, etc. Read her body language. If she looks like she might want to talk to you, ask a question, then take it from there. ALWAYS exchange MSN- if the... Read More