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3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart PUA Knowledge 

3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart

  Eye contact is one of the fastest ways to build explosive sexual tension. But most guys do eye contact WRONG.   Most guys look at the woman’s entire face as they talk with her, unfocused.   Pretend her face has been hidden, and it’s just her eyes. This is the “safest” way to go, because looking at her face hides your sexual desire for the girl. But she won’t feel any sexual tension from you either, and she’ll put you into the “friends zone” pretty quick.   Instead, when you approach a woman, give her a smile and look DIRECTLY into her eyes. On the approach, you don’t even need to “say” anything.  Just look into her eyes and hold it.  Right into her EYES. She’ll start giggling.  Then introduce yourself and take her hand.   You’ve already shown your awesome coolness and sexuality just from your “eyes approach”. The Eyes to Lips Technique Now here’s how to make the girl feel strangely horny. As you talk to her, hardcore look the girl into her eyes.  Focus in on... Read More
How To Seduce A Hot Korean Girl PUA Knowledge 

How To Seduce A Hot Korean Girl

  Why is it that so many Western men are attracted to Korean Girls? Why is it that each year, more Americans, Canadians, Australians, Germans, and guys from other countries are getting married to Asian women? Well, the physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their silky black hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk. I am sure their gorgeous, exotic features are attractive to you. And then there is the sense of “shy innocence” that Korean women possess. It makes us curious to discover more about them, and it’s a big turn-on to think that beneath that shy exterior lies a sexual side that is waiting to be unleashed…   #1 They are physically sexy and appealing. The silky hair; flawless skin; petite, hard bodies; and exotic Oriental features add up to combination that a lot of men find irresistible. It’s also interesting to note that the Asian face, because of the way it’s constructed, reveals less emotion than the faces of Caucasians. This makes Korean Girls “harder to read” than Caucasian women, who are... Read More
Awesome Ways To Attract and Get Asian Women PUA Knowledge 

Awesome Ways To Attract and Get Asian Women

    Succeeding with Asian women—and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.” If you currently are not dating and having sex on a regular basis with attractive women, then it’s time for you to make some changes. Here’s a solid piece of advice to start with: Get To Know The “Gate Keepers.” It’s very important for you to start building “gate keeper” relationships. This means making AAF’s (Asian Female Friends) who will then give you access to more Asian women. You probably won’t be having sex with any of these AAFs. Their function will be to introduce you to their cute friends and get you into their social circles. When Asian women go out, they tend to hang together in groups, and it can be extremely hard to “penetrate” the group and introduce yourself when you don’t know any of them. The best possible way to meet a beautiful Asian girl is to be introduced to her by one of her friends who knows you (and “vouches” for you as a good guy).  ... Read More