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The Last Seduction: Sex In Your Sixties PUA Knowledge 

The Last Seduction: Sex In Your Sixties

Fact or Fiction?

‘Sex in your Sixties’ can be the most passionate, the most intense, the most meaningful and the most deeply personal sex of your life.


How do I know? Because it’s happening to me. So when a friend suggested I write a blog about sex and feeling sexy in your sixties, I smiled inwardly, thinking… You don’t know how right you are. I’m currently in the midst of a wild and fabulous love affair and have to say that sex in my sixties is way better than sex in my thirties.

Why, you might ask? Here’s my take on Why…

I realize this may be my last great love affair, so no time to be shy or coy. I’ve got nothing to lose by breaking down my inhibitions and exploring fantasies that as a younger woman I was too self-conscious to pursue. It’s hard to fathom that it’s taken four decades of sex to discover what truly “turns me on” and that I would discover my true sexual nature in my sixties.

I appreciate passion so much more now than when I was young. In my forties and fifties, I went through some major sexual dry spells, so now I never take great sex for granted the way I did as a younger woman. I savor every encounter as if it were the most delicious gourmet chocolate. And it is.

Turning 60 was a time of reflection for me. I realized one gaping hole in my life tapestry was the lack of “An Affair to Remember,” a truly wild, passionate “supermarket romance novel” liaison. I finally admitted to myself this was something I deeply longed for. But if I got my wish I knew it wouldn’t be a free ride. It’s work to pump up your libido, exercise your body, cultivate your imagination, and get yourself out there. At this stage of your life you have to work for it and then decide if it’s worth all the effort. I’m betting your answer will be a resounding, “Yes, it is!”

Now… for the “How”

I’m not going to lie; the thought of this 60-year-old body naked with a man again was terrifying. Did I read your mind? Trust me, you’re not alone. Luckily, exercise can help reduce a lot of that self-consciousness; so can a good spray-tan and a gorgeous piece of lingerie. If your partner is ‘age-appropriate’ I’m sure he has similar insecurities. The key ingredient in a good sex recipe is the mind — how one thinks and feels about the body. So make sure to do whatever it takes to feel good about yours.

Check your libido! When I realized mine was moving counter-clockwise, I actively researched natural solutions and supports with a vengeance. I discovered many over-the-counter herbals that promise a heightened sexual sensitivity, and — Wow, do they deliver! Honestly, ladies — mature men have an easier journey. Everywhere you turn there’s an ad for male sex drive enhancement. Where’s that “little blue pill” for us?

Perhaps the most fundamental factor in remaining your essential female self throughout life is a hormone replacement therapy that suits your needs. There are many plant-based “safe” solutions a doctor can prescribe, as well as over-the-counter helpers. Where once I saw menopause as the great unconquerable divide, in any female’s life, now, at 63, I see the transition to the other side as barely distinguishable. Yes, you can absolutely maintain the essential ‘You’ as a vibrant female through middle age and beyond!

One final piece of advice — take the chance! Open yourself up to the possibilities of finding that man who wakes YOU up and ignites YOUR inner desires. Trust me, he’s out there. So get ready because he’s waiting for you!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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