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Top 6 ways to attract Chinese girls fast PUA Knowledge 

Top 6 ways to attract Chinese girls fast


Top 6 ways to attract Chinese girls fast

Chinese girls are one of the most beautiful and prettiest in the world, so the draw attentions of many foreigners. It’s no wonder that many foreign men want to learn how to attract Chinese women. Then what is the best way to attract Chinese women? Let’s look at a few quick tips that make her take notice of you.


1. Be funny

In order to let Chinese women think that you are funny, you should show some good sense of humor and do not be too serious or prudish, but make sure not to be too goofy or too dorky. Too much cockiness would send an impression to the girl that you are being arrogant or insecure. Being funny is to let the girl feel happy with you.


2. Know a little about everything

You should know how to play those popular games such as poker, mahjong, and know something about novels, comedy, TV plays, films. The reason they are fun and attractive is becauseit is  difficult to predict the ending. If you can guess the ending after watching a movie for 5 minutes, it must be the most boring one. Do not let the girl feel boring, and know a little about everything.


3.Being adventurous

Just as a song goes “I want to accompany you to venture……” All girls dream of accompanying his men to do risk. Adventurous life is the most exciting and most romantic. All girls will scream at it. When get shocked in adventure, the girls will need a shoulder; it is time to see your performance.


4. Give her compliments

Just like with most girls, Chinese females love  boys to compliment them about their looks and some other things. So if you want to know how to attract Chinese women, learn to compliment them from time to time, although you must avoid overdoing it and make sure that it comes out of your heart. Some boys just pretend to compliment the girl, I will tell you it is an aboslute mistake. Because you will be in real trouble when she finds out that you are lying.


5. Be appropriately indifferent

It seems contrary to show concern and indifferent at the same time, but in fact they are two sides of a coin. Usually women like to get attentions from men, but some appropriate indifference will produce a fatal attraction for her, she will find many ways to show the charms to get your attention.


6. Use your body

Your gestures, facial expressions and voice tone are all great tools. Say less and do more, for language undermines the atmosphere, what girls mostly wish is you know how to do before being told. Do not ask “Can I kiss you?” this problem is very silly. Watch her body language and see if she is ready.

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