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What Taiwanese Women Want In A Boyfriend PUA Knowledge 

What Taiwanese Women Want In A Boyfriend

Young Taiwanese women have a reputation for being ultra materialistic. This is evidenced by Taiwanese media and countless remarks in online forums and blogs. But that rumor doesn’t seem consistent with what I have observed. So I started asking around to do some fact checking.

When I asked Taiwanese guys what Taiwanese women want in a boyfriend, their response was a resounding,

“Money, Car & House!”

But when I talked to the women, a more distinct and complete picture began to emerge. This is what one friend said,

“I want a reliable guy who thinks about the future, who has a plan for the future. He doesn’t have to be rich, but he needs to be thinking about how he will take care of a family.”

In Taiwan dating is viewed as a marriage partner selection process. It makes sense that if you approach dating as the first step toward marriage, you would be apt to date a guy who is “reliable” and can “take care of a family.”

While some Taiwanese women may live up to the materialistic stereotype, it is important to note that gold diggers can be found in all cultures throughout the world.

Concluding that all or most Taiwanese women are materialistic is a oversimplification that dismisses many important cultural factors that are influential when choosing a marriage partner.

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