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How to seduce a Russian woman PUA Knowledge 

How to seduce a Russian woman

Russian women like men who care for them and try toseduce them. They like to feel desirable and beloved. They want to be cared not only before sex but after it too. So here are 10 advice how to  seduce a Russian woman: 1.) Tell her magic words. All women adore to hear compliments. Don’t forget to spoil her with them. 2.) Send her secret signs. Try to look at her eyes some times, to touch her hand, blow a kiss when you say good bye. 3.)Make different surprises. Russian women also like different adventures. You can make her life more interesting if you do some unexpected for her. For example, give her flowers standing on the knees. 4.)Be a little jealous. Russian women like when men sometimes are jealous of them. It makes relations not so boring. 5.)Show how you love children. Say something pleasant about a little child in the street. Sometimes you can smile at him. Women like when  men treat children well. 6.)Be persistent. Russian women like men who don’t give up. It is difficult to... Read More
The One Night Stand Etiquette PUA Knowledge 

The One Night Stand Etiquette

Have you ever heard of the term one night stand etiquette? It shouldn’t be a term unfamiliar with the west of the world, however, it seems a taboo in the current Chinese society and actually from what I have witnessed, observed and experienced, there’s a lack of it in Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan I am currently residing in and loving.   Not that I am still the sleeping-around wild colleague girl, like a bimbo of a typical teen movie or a simply a sorority girl. At least, if I am sober enough I learn to control. Alcohol is evil, evil.   A few years back, when I first read this book called Fabulous Girls Guide to Decorum, soon after a traumatic breakup with my ex boyfriend, I first realized that there should be some etiquette for one night stand (ons)too. Believe me or not, I actually stayed sexually inactive for a good whole year. (I’m amazed of myself too). And then when I got back to the market, I encountered guys from all walks of life (not really all, at... Read More
How to score with Taiwanese women PUA Knowledge 

How to score with Taiwanese women

How to Catch Taiwanese Women Without Getting Your Balls Busted (I’ve been really busy, but i thought it was better to put this out for you guys than to wait till it’s perfect. What follows is just a list of tips to get you going.  I’m sure you’ll take it from there).   The Basic Daily System First off, we have to stop you from fishing any dry wells, so STOP GOING TO MALLS TRYING TO PICKUP SALES CLERKS. These women are useless for our purposes, for reasons that I have explained in my previous article. Go anywhere where there are lots of happy girls around, ie., East End, Gong Gwan, etc and do your thing. Use public transportation-always. If you’re going to meet women, you need to be around them.No more motorcycle. No more last minute taxis. Wake up early, do your workout ( in my next article), shower, and walk to the MRT or bus stop.   If you make eye contact and she looks like she wants to talk to you, say something!!! Ask a question- it... Read More