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3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman PUA Knowledge 

3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman

    If you want to attract and seduce a woman from Taiwan there are several things which you must absolutely know. Dating any Asian women is different from other places in the world, but there is a specific method which works particularly well with Taiwanese women. Where she is from and what is her dating history? All Asian women are different, and its important that you know where she is from, and where she has lived most of her life so that you can calibrate your ‘moves’ to match where she is at. Depending on the experience of the woman, you want to move at a different speed with your seduction. Taiwanese women tend to react differently based on their dating experience. Young and inexperienced Taiwanese women go at a different speed than an internationally traveled and experienced more mature woman. Dominant Alpha Male Characteristics are important Taiwanese women love a man who takes control, who is a gentleman but also knows how to boss her around and be dominant and demonstrate alpha male characteristics. Be careful not to... Read More
10 Sex Moves She Craves PUA Knowledge 

10 Sex Moves She Craves

  Behold, the 10 most popular, ranked in order. To make sure you satisfy her desires, we included tips on exactly how to pull off every last move…right down to number one. 10. Give her breasts more attention Lots of guys pamper a woman’s breasts during foreplay but forget about them during the main event, which is a shame because the extra stimulation can lead to a bigger orgasm for her. Plus, it’s important to pay attention to more than just her nipples, since her entire breast is packed with nerves, especially the underside. When she’s on top, use your fingertips to draw wide, slow circles, starting around the perimeter of one breast and spiraling in until you’re just about at her nipple. Then use your hand to cup and lift the underside of her breast, and lick around her nipple before covering it entirely with your mouth and sucking gently. 9. Give her a G-Spot orgasm This much-talked-about area is located about 2 inches inside her vaginal canal on the front wall. Some docs say it’s spongy and the... Read More