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How to attract Chinese girls? PUA Knowledge 

How to attract Chinese girls?

    People who are with humor will attract others easily. If you are going to date a Chinese girl and want to leave her good impression, follow the following advice. 1. Avoiding Common Mistakes Too much funny and she’ll see you as goofy or dorky. Too much cocky and she’ll see you as an A-hole, a jerk or an insecure guy. Don’t mistake an outright putdown for being cocky. And never do Cocky Comedy to impress women or show off; you’ll make yourself look like a dumb-ass. 2. Learning the Cocky Comedy Character Most guys who naturally use Cocky Comedy aren’t TRYING to be funny, and they’re definitely not seeking approval — they’re being the CHARACTER. The character is where 90% of the humor flows from. 3. Holding Your Laughter to Amplify Attraction Women are attracted to higher-status males. So how does a woman tell if she’s talking to one? If she catches herself seeking HIS approval, and he never seeks HER approval, then she unconsciously knows that she’s dealing with a higher-status man. 4. Never Laugh to Make... Read More
Top 6 ways to attract Chinese girls fast PUA Knowledge 

Top 6 ways to attract Chinese girls fast

  Chinese girls are one of the most beautiful and prettiest in the world, so the draw attentions of many foreigners. It’s no wonder that many foreign men want to learn how to attract Chinese women. Then what is the best way to attract Chinese women? Let’s look at a few quick tips that make her take notice of you.   1. Be funny In order to let Chinese women think that you are funny, you should show some good sense of humor and do not be too serious or prudish, but make sure not to be too goofy or too dorky. Too much cockiness would send an impression to the girl that you are being arrogant or insecure. Being funny is to let the girl feel happy with you.   2. Know a little about everything You should know how to play those popular games such as poker, mahjong, and know something about novels, comedy, TV plays, films. The reason they are fun and attractive is becauseit is  difficult to predict the ending. If you can guess the ending... Read More
Secrets Of Beautiful Women: What You Need To Know PUA Knowledge 

Secrets Of Beautiful Women: What You Need To Know

There are cute girls,there are  pretty girls, there are sexy women, attractive women, and once in a great while, you run across a drop dead beautiful woman. A woman so beautiful, she affects everyone around her and the very air surrounding her seem charged with heavenly energy. Awe struck men dare not approach her, and women forget to be jealous in their admiration. Unusually beautiful women, attractive women, and even above average women are generally treated different by mere mortals and that gives them even more power than their beauty inherently grants them. Because these women are treated in a special way, they have certain traits in common. Certain traits that you must know about and overcome in order to approach these princesses. Let’s break the force field around beautiful women by understanding these secrets of beautiful women. Secret #1: Beautiful Women know they’re Beautiful All beautiful women know they are beautiful. What’s more, they know exactly how beautiful they are and exactly how their beauty level compares in relation to other women. They have such a keen sense of... Read More