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How to hook up with Chinese women PUA Knowledge 

How to hook up with Chinese women

  I have dated a lot of Asian women, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all over the world.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Chinese girls are tricky.  To figure them out, I analyzed all of my past relationships, from one night stands, to long term girlfriends and figured out a pattern with Asian girls, especially traditional Chinese girls.  To make sure it wasn’t just me, I compared the data to a large sample of men and figured out what the secret was behind sex, dating, and long term relationships with Asian girls.  It was actually quite simple once figured it out and I started teaching it in private bootcamp style classes for $1,400USD a weekend, where I would teach the method, have the students practice it and then go out with them into nightclubs and bars where they would put it in action. Secret #1 – The easiest way to get an Asian girlfriend is to sleep with her first and get her to “trap” you into being her boyfriend. I figured this out when... Read More
How To Attract Girls By Doing Almost Nothing PUA Knowledge 

How To Attract Girls By Doing Almost Nothing

Not absolutely nothing. (That would be silly advice for most men except famous dudes who can seduce simply by showing up.) But almost nothing. In the game of seduction, less is more. Meeting for the first time YOU: Hey. HER: Hi. YOU: Can I get your opinion on something? Won’t take a sec. HER: Sure. YOU: HER: Are you going to ask? YOU: Maybe later. Texting HER: I had a great time last night! YOU: Ya me too. HER: My phone was out for the past three days in case you were trying to call me. YOU: Nope. Calling and leaving a message on her voicemail YOU: Hey. When she flakes YOU: See you at 7. HER: I forgot it was my sister’s birthday. I can’t make it. Another time! YOU: gay. When she plays hard to get YOU: I’ve got Wednesday free. HER: Ooh, I can’t do wednesday. YOU: How about next Monday? HER: That’s gonna be... Read More
Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage PUA Knowledge 

Sweet Seduction – How To Give A Great Massage

  The tempting allure of a woman’s body is mesmerizing. Sumptuous curves, creases that beg your tongue to taste. As John Mayer so eloquently puts it, a woman’s body is a wonderland. Most men want to reach home base right away, but sometimes it’s nice to take some time for caressing and tenderness and treat her to a massage without any expectations in return. She will be eternally grateful. When a man can dedicate a night to making a woman feel good without sexual connotations, it’s a real game changer for the relationship. It proves you really like her, you are interested in being with her for more then just sex. The end result? She’ll be putty in your hands! Giving a massage is also a nice way to explore her body and fill your mind full of lusty thoughts to be used another day. Think of her like a forbidden fruit – The more you can’t have it, the more you’ll want it. Just let the tension build up and you can have dessert another day, it will taste... Read More